littlemartiansinmypants said: my day was alright! how was yours?:)

Same! Had its goods and terrible moments.. 😊

Like I don’t get how guys move on so fast?

Anonymous said: I acted ditzy around her teased her, but I guess she figured I like her. No one else had time for her except me, I drove 30 minutes, once a week just to see her. The last time I talked to her we were at a party. And she kept walking away from me, and giving me weird looks. And once the guys she was trying too talk to blew her off, she said that It was boring. Was she using me to get close to other guys? Why do you think shes acting like this?

I’m really sorry to hear that! :/ I mean to me it doesn’t sound like she was using you? Did yall talk it through?? Did you tell her how you felt? Honestly, It’s better to say things then keep it bottled up!! .. Talk to a close friend of yours and ask what to do… I’m sorry I’m really bad at relationship advices! :/ :(! 😣 and well in my situation.. It was a long distance type of thing.. Never dated just talking.. He is from Houston but lives in Arizona.. And well I’m stuck in houston.. We talked for a couple of months and everything was ok.. Until I started having trouble at home with family stuff.. I guess I should have told him what I was going through but its just pointless since he wouldn’t understand that and I just HATE peoples sorryness? If thats a word lol.. And usually whenever I go through stuff I joke around a lotttt whenever it’s a serious matter and well I reallynever take anything serious.. Then we weren’t communicating cause of issues on both ends but we tried our best.. feelings were all there.. Well Mine were.. :( and well one thing led to another and we got into a huge discussion and didn’t talk for like two days.. I texted him and I apologized and told him I was going through stuff and bam.. He tells me I’m too late and That he catched feelings for someone else and blah blah blah!! 💔 like I don’t get how guys can move on so fast?? Same thing happened on my last relationship but thats a terrible different story that I dislike sharing! 👎 relationships just suck 💔

littlemartiansinmypants said: hi new friend :D

Hey ☺️ how are you? How was your day?


What didn’t kill me made me feel like a piece of shit for months.


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Ok I’m over aaron! 😔 we’ll kinda!! It still hurts a little 😔

I mean maybe I guess these guys aren’t “The One” that God has for me? I mean idk?? 😣 I wish I knew who “The One” is already.. I mean I’m not desperate for a guy or anything right now or desperate for marriage and all but like I just wanna know who is the person I’m spending the rest of my life is!! 😫🙊

And what sucks the most is that the last two guys I talked too.. They have new girls days later? And thats not supposed to hurt? O.o I mean I wish them the best in all but ouchhhh!!

I guess the next time I talk to a guy I should be less of a goof ball? 😳 idk what I’m doing wrong in the whole talking and getting to know one another!? Any advice?

I really miss Mr slowly-dying-without-a-cause 😭 haven’t seen him in a while! 👎